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* Career Coaching
* How to handle gaps in your resume
* Change careers
How to negotiate a better salary
* Comprehensive Resume services
* Abusive Bosses
* Transitioning to new job
* Mother returning to work
* How to keep yourself motivated

 Do you need advice about your career?  Coach Lynn has been featured on radio,  television , in Forbes, Fortune Magazine, ABC news radio, Washington Times and many others...

CALL 310-439-9840

 "I have been working in a field for over a decade and was ready for a career change.  I was having difficulties identifying and addressing my needs. I decided to look into obtaining a career/life coach. I thought I needed to make an investment in my future and I needed help. I spoke with several individuals but Coach Lynn, stood out, and I booked her shortly after our initial consultation. The coaching I received has been phenomenal, and life-changing. I believe it has changed my career and life's trajectory for the better. This woman can take your career to new heights and bring life back to a barren desert. I highly recommend working with Coach Lynn. " C. McConnel

 Send Coach Lynn your resume and let her review it for you.  She offers comprehensive resume services including coaching, rewrite, powerful cover letters...

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