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Lynn Johnson (“Coach Lynn”) is a dynamic, energetic, and award winning international motivational Life/Executive coach for twenty years.  She is a certified Master Life/Executive Coach, award-winning and internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, and beloved radio personality and producer.

Coach Lynn is also utilized as a Professional Crisis Manager.

Coach Lynn has worked in the coaching industry for over 10 years and has an active, elite, private coaching practice.  Coach Lynn also coaches entreprenuers and corporate accounts.  Some of her clients include:


  • CEOs

  • Politicians

  • Professional athletes

  • Celebrities and entertainers

  • Business professionals

  • Financial industry executives

  • Marketing and sales representatives

  • Educators

  • Government executives 


  • Worldwide Association of Business Coaches

  • International Coaches Federation

  • American Coaching Association

  • Business Coaches Association,

  • Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology 



Coach Lynn is often called upon to deliver keynote addresses and training workshops in leadership, time management, setting goals , meeting objectives, and achieving balance between work and personal life.  


Talent without effective management or representation is wasted talent!


LET'S TALK: 240-328-2004
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